Introduce Your Clients To R&D Tax Credits

If you advise small businesses in any capacity, Enhance Consultants can help you add value to your service and improve connections with your clients. R&D Tax Credits for Introducers are the biggest and most misunderstood incentive out there, so there’s a high possibility your clients aren’t getting full credit for their inventions, no matter what industry they’re in.

Helping you to help your clients

Only 4% of businesses that are eligible to claim R&D tax credit claims to which they are entitled, thousands of them miss out on an average claim of £57,228. Either they don’t think the scheme can apply to them, or they just simply don’t know it.

Enhance Consultants is dedicated to ensure that credit is always given where it is due, and we’re working with introducers and business advisors from many disciplines to make that happen.

Partnering with accounting firms, is a fantastic way to raise awareness of R&D Tax Credits. Many accountants don’t have the time to devote to the in-depth elements of R&D claims or the in-house specialist knowledge required to maximise the scheme.

Partnering with Enhance Consultants expands your knowledge and adds an important new string to your business by introducing your clients to us.

Introducing your clients to us

When you refer your clients to us, we can:

Determine whether or not they have a claim in a timely and dependable manner

Identify every qualifying project and its cost

Prepare claims for your clients to submit to HMRC

Defend your clients' claims until their claims are approved

Provide continuing assistance, guidance, and support for future claims

Few firms outside of the highly specialized field of R&D Tax Relief have the in-house knowledge and skills required to effectively guide their customers through the whole claim process. Some may only want instruction in the regulations and principles, whilst others may require a complete, hands-on service from start to finish. Enhance Consultants is the professional partner your team has been missing, no matter how much assistance you and your clients require.

Eligible R&D activity is an element of many organizations’ day-to-day operations, and Enhance Consultants works to ensure that the resources involved are not inadvertently overlooked as “simply the cost of doing business” or “day-to-day problem solving”