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Enhance Consultants’ Leading R&D Tax Credit team will ensure your client receives the maximum benefits year after year, which in turn accelerates their growth and increases client retention.

Referring to your clients couldn’t be easier, with each of our Account Managers & R&D Tax Specialists on hand to complete your client’s claims in a timely and professional manner.


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Market-leading R&D Tax Credit service


100% Success Record

Our team has significant experience in successfully submitting claims to HMRC – resulting in 100% success record

Your Own Account Manager

You will have a dedicated Account Manager to ensure each of your clients claims are completed in a timely manner

Generous Referral Scheme

For each successful client referred to us, we will ensure you are well compensated for the introduction

Why Partner with us

At Enhance Consultants, will assist your clients to receive the credit they deserve, which will help their business grow, eventually helping you to expand as well. In this way, this partnership will be proved equally beneficial for all.

Providing the best and reliable services to you and your clients is the first priority of Enhance Consultants. By partnering with us, you will be able to;

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    Gain client’s loyalty.
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    Expand your business.
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    Add our expertise to your business
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    Generous referral rates
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    Support & Training
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    Dedicated Manager
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    Flexibility & Adaptability
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    High standard of ethical code
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    Ensure no conflict of Interest
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    No Risks Involved

Becoming Partners in Profit

We are here to assist you and your clients in every step towards an R&D claim.
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    We have kept the process of becoming partners very simple
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    Initially, we would like to get to know about your business, to start our partnership with knowing your expertise and understanding your vision
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    After that we would like to get some information regarding your client, ensuring your client’s approval.
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    We will assess your client’s business regarding R&D claim to prepare a perfect claim maximizing R&D credit.
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    Transparency is our policy
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    We will keep you updated regarding the progress of your client’s R&D claim
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    We are always here to assist and motivate you to ensure your success.
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    You will be given your share as part of our partnership.
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    We value our partnership
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