Many retailers and wholesalers create solutions to automate, streamline, and accelerate their supply chains. R&D expenditure can include any methods or software designed to actively regulate stock levels, manage orders, and speed delivery. Because of his many E-Commerce and Retail companies are eligible for R&D tax relief.

The average R&D claim value in the e-commerce and retail sector is £47,344.

What qualifies as R&D in the retail and e-commerce industries?

It is possible to discover qualifying R&D in the way that retailers and wholesalers are responding to their clients demands.  The development of sophisticated e-commerce systems is an example of this. Not only that, but backend interfaces that must communicate with stock and accounting systems and for which no off-the-shelf solution exists and bespoke software is necessary also qualifies. App development, in which an existing off-the-shelf app must be upgraded or additional code generated may also be eligible for R&D relief.

Qualifying R&D Tax Costs in E-Commerce and Retail

R&D tax credits are determined as a percentage of costs incurred during qualifying activities. The most significant cost is usually the cost of employing individuals to conduct R&D. This will most likely be software developers in eCommerce, but you may also be able to add a fraction of other employees.

Employed people’s PAYE salaries, as well as their employer pension and National Insurance contributions, can be included. A percentage of money spent on relevant subcontracted work qualifies as well.

Following these, other potential expenditures to include would include some software costs, as well as some of your R&D-related utility costs such as heat, light, and power.

Check Your R&D Tax Relief Eligibility

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