On 16th May 2022 HMRC placed certain R&D tax credits claims on pause to investigate irregularities in an attempt to mitigate abuse of the relief.

The majority of R&D tax credits claims will not be affected; however claimants are being advised that they could expect delays to the usual processing times whilst HMRC work hard to try to prevent further abuse of the relief. HMRC has requested that claimants do not contact the R&D mailbox or helpline to chase their claims, and to simply be patient and review their online accounts to check for any status updates on their claims.

They have also taken this opportunity to remind claimants to ensure that they complete all aspects of the R&D section of the corporation tax return (CT600). Filing additional information to support claims, such as R&D technical reports, can help HMRC to process claims faster.

Avoid R&D Tax Credit Delays

Here at Enhance Consultants we specialise in assisting companies in successfully claiming R&D tax credits. We are not only able to save companies time and money when making R&D claims, whilst maximising their benefits, but can also reduce any risks.

Using R&D tax relief specialists such as Enhance Consultants Ltd can significantly reduce the risk of facing HMRC compliance checks and thus claims getting paused. It is important to avoid these checks because they can be problematic for many reasons.

They can, for starters, postpone R&D tax credits. Also, they can damage relationships with HMRC. projects may be refused, or corporations may face large fines as a result of HMRC company checks.

When you use our professional services to file claims, you can rest assured that your claims will be correct and entirely compliant, avoiding any inquiries. If you would like our assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch today.